Diploma in Ministry

1. Pastoral Care 201 1. Old Testament II
2. Applied Theology
2. New Testament II
3. A Spiritual Life 2 3. Christian Leadership
4. Wisdom 201 4. Trauma Counselling
5. Practical Ministry 5. Homiletics
6. Church History 6. Discipleship
7. New Testament Gospels 7. World Changers (Missions)
8. Missions 201 8. Spiritual Warfare
9. Pastoral Counselling 9. Church Administration
10. Christian Leadership 10. Church History

About Us

Divinity College exists to glorify God and extend His Kingdom rule in this world by serving the Church of Jesus Christ, firstly in South Africa, but then also in to the rest of Africa, to train and inspire Christian leaders from all strata of life to effectively reach the world with the Gospel and build up the Church.

Cotact Details

Ballsbridge University, Nancy Whiticker house, 7 old street, Roseau, Dominica